Happy New Year! Brrrrrr. Let’s be crafty.

Snowy Saxtons River

Snowy Saxtons River ©SLW

Here in the village of Saxtons River, we are bracing ourselves for a storm and a cold snap (more like a nordic snap) of -17 degrees.

Oh what to do?



A good thing about being iced- and snowed- in is being shut in with craft supplies (tape, glue and scissors) and Pinterest. It’s a great time to pull out some craft ideas for you or you and your kids. So many simple projects can be done with simple supplies and items you (most likely) already have at home.

Treat your creative side.

So many ideas!

Visit Pinterest! Beginners and advanced crafters can all find something there. Many of these tutorials and ideas use items you have around the house. Seriously, you can find 100s of things to make with toilet paper rolls!

If you’ve never been a fan or have never been to Pinerest, this is the day to go! Poke around and see what you can find. Pinterest is is free. So many awesome things to find (beyond crafts), so heed this warning, Pinterest becomes addicting.

When you’re done with your projects, take a photo and send it to us. We’ll post some. So let your creativity shine!

What no Toilet Paper tubes?

What no Toilet Paper tubes?

Check out these pinterest links:

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