Artist Jennifer Meehl is River Artisans’ Featured Artist for May


The River Artisans Cooperative in Saxtons River, VT is featuring its member, Jennifer Meehl as their Artist of the Month.

Jennifer is a mixed media painter (oil, acrylic, and watercolor) who is inspired by nature and sometimes incorporates natural and manmade materials – such as beads, fabric, wood, feathers, shells, and stone – into her work.

I have been creating and making useful items with my hands all my life. Watercolor painting is my current medium of exploration. Because nature is my muse, walking, observing, and collecting are my preparatory actions. Sitting in silence or listening to music provides a space to find a way into my work. I paint to discover what can be drawn from within. Recurring abstract shapes emerge, distinct marks, tracks, and layers of color follow. My predominant view is of topographical or aerial landscapes. Sometimes animals and birds emerge from what I call internal landscapes. Often I cut up my paintings to use in collage or to rearrange on blank note cards. When I am asked what it is I have painted, I say my work is a window for the viewers to perceive for themselves. I trust my artistic process and do not fear a blank canvas as images always appear. For me painting is both meditation and a dance with my hands.

Jen, now retired from teaching communication at Landmark College, has been an active RAC member since 2011. The River Artisans Cooperative is located in the center of Saxtons River Village, across from the Saxtons River Inn at 26B Main St. Open year round, RAC’s May–December hours are: Mon – Fri 12-5 • Sat & Sun 10-3.



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