Hallee Humler is Artist of the Month in July

Hallee Humler has been a crafter and sewer her entire life.  With a B.A. in textiles and clothing design from the University of Maryland, she taught Home Economics at Leland and Gray Union High School in Townshend for 15 years.  Hallee has been a member of RAC for 18 years. She served as Secretary for 8 years, and is currently serving as Vice President.

IMG_1146SM Today she specializes in marbling on both fabric and paper. Marbling is done by floating dye or paint colors on the surface of a liquid, rather like oil on water.  The floating colors are gently manipulated with combs, picks or rakes, swirled into patterns and intriguing designs. Carefully laying paper or fabric on the surface of the liquid, the color is pulled off becoming permanent at once.

Most of us have seen marbling in the end pages of fine old books, but there is so much more that can be done with the stunning results of this craft. Hallee makes a gorgeous array of items like blank notebooks, refillable memo books, picture frames, mini post-it books, rolled bead jewelry, scarves, tote bags, eyeglasses cases, purses and even candles with her marbled creations.

In her own words: ” I am constantly working out new products after being inspired by the marbling artists of Florence, one of the few places in the world that still produces marbled papers and makes useful, beautiful items from the process. I particularly like using recycled items in my work.  I make books using parts of discarded school textbooks, manilla file folders and poster board. I love being a part of this coop, love working in the shop surrounded by beautiful thing,s and love having new customers come in—telling them all about the uniqueness of our shop.”  

River Artisans Cooperative is located in the center of Saxtons River Village, across from the Saxtons River Inn at 26B Main St. Open year round, RAC’s May–December hours are: Mon – Fri 12-5 • Sat & Sun 10-3. Over 50 juried members keep the store filled with a wide variety of items, each finely crafted by hand. New artists are welcome and may apply for membership at any time. For more information on Hallee’s work or the River Artisans, please call 802-869-2099, or, even better, stop in at the gallery!


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