Potter Virginia Wyoming is the Artist of the Month for April

IMG_2131Virginia comes from at least three generations of horticulturists and that influence is easy to see in her planters, sculpture and vases. Her studio is bordered by woods and the patterns of the overlapping branches are an inspiration in winter, the shades of green so gorgeous in summer and the leaves so spectacular in the autumn – all this beauty deeply informs her very organic-looking pieces.

Virginia’s art has been nurtured by family, art teachers, and other artists throughout her life. She especially thanks Don Johns for first getting her hands in clay in high school, and Ka Kuong Hui at Rutgers/Douglass College for inspiring her to stay on a path of clay.

Virginia also sells her work on Etsy where she accepts commissions for special items like hanging planters, sculptural crows, dinnerware and bowls.

She is a member of the Walpole Artisan Cooperative in Walpole, New Hampshire.
Her website is: www.VirginiaWyoming.com and you can learn more about her work and her studio in an article on The Gardener’s Eden blog.




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