Woodworker Tom Goldschmid is the Artist of the Month for May

Tom Goldschmid at the latheLOWTom has always enjoyed working with wood. He spent over 30 years designing and building timber frame structures. In recent years his interest in woodworking has expanded to include turning wooden bowls.

He explains his process and inspiration: “Every species of wood has it’s own unique quality and for that reason, every bowl I make takes on a unique style and shape. In contrast to my work as an architect, the creation of a bowl tends to be a spontaneous and intuitive design process; as the proportions and curve of a bowl are often revealed as the wood is turning on my lathe. I draw inspiration from working and walking in our native hardwood forest here in Southern Vermont.”

Beloved birch finds a new lifeLOWRecently he was asked to make a series of bowls for his friend River, when a particularly beautiful old white birch tree on her property had to be cut. She gave the bowls as gifts, in tribute to a lovely tree that held so many fond memories for family members.

Tom’s bowls and other turnings are available through the River Artisan’s Cooperative in Saxton’s River as well as at seasonal craft fairs. For more information about his work feel free to contact him at tomgoldschmid@gmail.com or call 802 579 2207.


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