Jennifer Meehl


Jennifer holds pieces of her artwork.

Jennifer Meehl is a founding faculty member of Landmark College in Putney, VT as learning disabilities educator. Now retired, Jennifer  has turned her attention from academia to a quiet, reflective pace in the visual arts.  She is inspired by the natural world and delights in gardening, painting and building textured surfaces which capture a day at the ocean, a walk through the woods, or the soaring spirit of a bird in flight. Her passion for color and nature is demonstrated in her abstract landscapes; note cards; painted textured bookmarks; and meditative gazing stones composed of concrete embedded with found objects such as: beads, beach glass, pebbles, feathers, shells, and ceramic shards.

A Family of Artists

Raised in New England and a long time resident of Cambridgeport, VT, Jennifer was inspired by her mother Jean, a textile artist, and her grandmother Ina, a painter. She appreciates repurposing discarded materials. Her largest mixed media paintings (16″ x20″) are internal landscapes viewed from above looking down on rivers, forest pathways, and animals.

Jennifer joined The River Artisan Cooperative in 2011 to become part of a new community after retiring from Landmark College. As a member of the cooperative, she can often be found clerking in the shop.

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